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Answer-RC 11 Losi Clutch Spring Set 1.1mm springs 4pcs

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Complete set of the Answer-RC Losi 4 shoe clutch springs. Includes
1.1mm x 4pcs
A lighter spring allows the clutch to engange earlier with more progeression. A thicker spring allows the engine to rev higher prior to engagement of the shoe coming in with more bite and more aggression. If driving on a low grip surface it is generally considered best to run a lighter spring making the car easier to drive out the corners. Suitable for the Losi 8B 8B 2.0 and 8T Clutch and the Answer-RC Losi Clutch Set ANSCS0002

Note picture shows three set this is only for one.

  • Model: ANSCS2011
  • Manufactured by: Answer-RC