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Answer-RC 3 8x14Flanged Bearings Losi 8B 8T 10pk

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Answer-RC SP 8x14Flanged Bearings Losi 8B 8T 10pk These are superb quality and specced to be longer lasting and able to cope with higher rpm. Excellent quality and superb value. These Answer-RC bearings use 1 x rubber seal and 1 x metal shield. This is to be installed with the rubber seal facing the dirt. The metal shield offers less resistance therefore reducing load on the bearing giving a higher max rpm.

Sold in tubes of 10. 8mm x 14mm x 4mm As used in Losi 8B 8T To support Front, Center and Rear Diffs

Replaces Part No. Team Losi LOSA6948

  • Model: ANSBR0814F
  • Manufactured by: Answer-RC