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Answer-RC 3 8x14 Bearings XRAY 808 Losi 8B 8T HB D8 10pk

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Answer-RC SP 8x14 Bearings XRAY 808 Losi 8B 8T HB D8 10pk These are superb quality and specced to be longer lasting and able to cope with higher rpm. Excellent quality and superb value. These Answer-RC bearings use 1 x rubber seal and 1 x metal shield. This is to be installed with the rubber seal facing the dirt. The metal shield offers less resistance therefore reducing load on the bearing giving a higher max rpm.

Sold in tubes of 10.

8mm x 14mm x 4mm As used in Losi 8B 8T and Xray 808 Outer wheel / axle bearings and to support the Front and Rear Diffs on the Xray 808. Also now used on the HotBodies D8 Wheel Axles - both inner and outer Replaces Part No. Team Losi LOSA6945 XRAY XR940814 HotBodies HB67438

  • Model: ANSBR0814
  • Manufactured by: Answer-RC